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US-2926300-A: Push-pull magnetic amplifier and circuits therefor patent, US-2933998-A: Card panel patent, US-2946980-A: Sound ranging system patent, US-2953092-A: Underwater explosive device patent, US-2963039-A: Pressure regulator patent, US-2968543-A: Process for the preparation of composite fertilizers containing phosphate patent, US-2968625-A: Fluid power transmission patent, US-2977691-A: Heel cup construction for ladies' overshoes patent, US-3006414-A: Double-acting liner hanger patent, US-3009608-A: Measuring dispenser patent, US-3020952-A: Method of volumetric determination of well bores and the like patent, US-3027697-A: Article packing apparatus patent, US-3028714-A: Electrical precipitators patent, US-3030700-A: Retaining ring setting tool patent, US-3030933-A: Pressure fluid machine patent, US-3052322-A: Supplementary supports for motor vehicle lifts patent, US-3061073-A: Conveyor for fluent material patent, US-3067288-A: Phonetic typewriter of speech patent, US-3070821-A: Vehicle washer patent, US-3077708-A: Acetylene container filler and methods patent, US-3078017-A: Suspendable tube patent, US-3086935-A: Assembly of parallel plates patent, US-3093553-A: Processes of evaporating alcoholic liquors patent, US-3100857-A: Capacitor terminal connection patent, US-3110415-A: Hanger vending machine patent, US-3115374-A: Railway car journal box construction patent, US-3117389-A: Fish lure patent, US-3119323-A: Wire twister for balers patent, US-3120674-A: Windshield wiper blade assembly patent, US-3141211-A: Ornamental button patent, US-3147178-A: Sulphate digestion process patent, US-3155066-A: Ship stabilizer patent, US-3159412-A: Wand assembly for suction cleaner patent, US-3192040-A: Free machining alloy patent, US-3192710-A: Variable throat nozzle patent, US-3193623-A: Wireless extension telephone patent, US-3193841-A: Ear muff mounting structure for headgear patent, US-3194405-A: Display means patent, US-3203385-A: Three way goods guide for sewing machines patent, US-3222838-A: Plastic edging for trim strip patent, US-3228270-A: Automatic feed mechanism for a machine tool patent, US-3230800-A: Wrench device patent, US-3241164-A: Lasting machine having spindle brake patent, US-3253558-A: Shuttles patent, US-3260655-A: Film distillation with a helical spring patent, US-3264714-A: Method of forming a thermoelectric panel patent, US-3273075-A: Pulse generator system providing pulse superimposed on pedestal patent, US-3275332-A: Oil seal patent, US-3280415-A: Cope cleaning device patent, US-3295877-A: Catch for packing case or the like patent, US-3301179-A: Electrostatic printing with density control provided by charge measuring means patent, US-3311785-A: Transistorized phase comparison relaying patent, US-3320940-A: Engine cylinder block patent, US-3331626-A: Food holder patent, US-3345643-A: Disposable dress shield patent, US-3346152-A: Shower safety soap belts patent, US-3349276-A: High-pressure mercury vapor halogen lamp having an electrode thermally insulated from lead-in conductor patent, US-3353039-A: Magnetohydrodynamic generators patent, US-3353248-A: Method for forming double vanes patent, US-3362908-A: Electrical apparatus and dielectric material therefor patent, US-3372746-A: Method of determining the extent of return to the surface of an oil well treatment fluid patent, US-3390607-A: Title viewer for slide projector patent, US-3418697-A: Auxiliary transfer rolls for textile card licker-in patent, US-3426764-A: Cigarette filters of paper containing cellulose acetate fibers patent, US-3429349-A: Pull-through hammer mill patent, US-3436794-A: Articulated buckle patent, US-3439888-A: Aircraft propulsion mounting arrangement patent, US-3445971-A: High pressure vessel hold-together structure patent, US-3448834-A: Surge brake system patent, US-3452777-A: Pressure-responsive safety valve patent, US-3455122-A: Precision spline patent, US-3463298-A: Tray constructions for conveyors patent, US-3496867-A: Thermal radiation weapon patent, US-3505860-A: Geological sample testing apparatus patent, US-3508815-A: Safety rearview mirror patent, US-3518836-A: Underwater oil tank patent, US-3524280-A: Vase patent, US-3530602-A: Nonscald steam garment press patent, US-3531654-A: Solid state substitute for a dual triode electron tube patent, US-3539513-A: Lubricant additive patent, US-3548338-A: Method and apparatus for gas laser noise reduction patent, US-3548644-A: Hot product inspection system patent, US-3570666-A: Material handling apparatus patent, US-3575638-A: Storage container for electronic devices patent, US-3594491-A: Shielded cable having auxiliary signal conductors formed integral with shield patent, US-3603385-A: Method and apparatus for removably coupling a blowout preventer stack to an underwater wellhead casing patent, US-3610178-A: Apparatus for supplying burnable fluid and entrained air to a burner patent, US-3628437-A: Photographic camera patent, US-3642312-A: Smear cladding for sealing and corrosion control in pure-aluminum-coated aluminum alloy sheets patent, US-3656191-A: Bedstead patent, US-2415925-A: Expanding forming punch patent, US-2416318-A: Electron discharge device patent, US-2416836-A: Mold-blanketing material patent, US-2422665-A: Cementitious surface covering patent, US-2422838-A: Apparatus for flanging sheet metal strips patent, US-2436016-A: Tank cap lock patent, US-2449313-A: Ground connecting device patent, US-2454535-A: Breast shield patent, US-2461752-A: Storage battery holder patent, US-2464713-A: Packer for wells patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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